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Let's face it the world is changing. Don't you remember the days when you could get up, grab a cup of coffee and relax with the morning paper at the kitchen table? Ah, get that morning started off s-l-o-w-l-y?

Not in today's fast paced world! That was how we used to live in the 50's - 60's - 70's! Welcome to the 2000's! Welcome to a business owner's marketing NIGHTMARE!

Newspaper subsciption rates, readership and circulation are falling. Radio's listenership is being dissected by iPods/iPhones, 6 disc CD changers and Satellite Radio. What about Television? Broadcast TV is splitting viewers with cable and AT&T U-VERSE, Dish Network and Direct TV...oh and who is watching commercials anymore with TiVO and DVR's?

Need some TUMMS yet?

Think about it - we hate to be interrupted. So when a commercial comes on we become annoyed and leave the room, change the station or ignore it if it doesn't relate to us. So what's the alternative to market your business effectively and on budget? How can you market to someone who is ACTIVELY SEARCHING for GREAT offers, specials, deals & coupons?

Direct mail by Great Deals Savings Magazine

Be a part of it today, with our footprint of close to 1 million homes, thousands of Great Deals coupons are being redeemed today!

"With the success of Great Deals, I've dropped all other forms of advertising for my business. We count on word of mouth and now GREAT DEALS MAGAZINE to grow and maintain our business!"

Direct Mail by Great Deals Savings Magazine. Simply put, Americans have been trained to get the mail for 6 days a week since we were kids. We sort what we want and trash what we don't. For over 15 years Great Deals Savings Magazine has been hitting the save pile month after month in close to a million unduplicated households! No radio stations to listen to at a specific time, no channel to tune into at the correct moment, no subscriptions to pay or black newsprint ink on your fingers, Just your daily routine of heading out and picking up the good ole' mail. BAM! There it is, the new issue of Great Deals Savings Magazine chock full of hundreds, even thousands of dollars in savings! Great Deals... Now that's advertising guaranteed to hit home!

Be a part of it today, with our footprint of over 700,000 homes, thousands of Great Deals coupons are being redeemed today!

Don't you think its time to stimulate your business?

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